First Time Burning Incense

First Time Burning Incense

I tried burning incense or “smudging” for the first time this week.

At first, I have to say I avoided it for a while because honestly I never quite found and incense smell I liked.

Also in my college years, it’s usage was mostly to hide weed smells from RAs or trying to keep an apartment from smelling. So maybe that mixture put me off?

But now in my young adulthood and seeking some level of spirituality, I’ve kind of grown to like the burning of incense.

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I’ve bought Blue Sage to ward off negative energy and my favorite Yerba Sante.

Yerba Sante is believed to promote growth and setting boundaries. It also encourages love, purification, growth, and beauty and the release of emotional pain in the heart chakra.

While I’m not committed to the belief of these that burning these leaves brings these about, there is a calming meditative aroma to burning these leaves.

I do feel that once I am burning, I am doing a holy practice. Preserving the space and energy of my room (which is a holy space) to continuously preserve me. For me it is a beautiful way to connect with my soul.

The smells are fragrant but I’m also using incense to create a warming effect in my room. It’s so nice.

Have you ever used Incense or burning leaves? Let me know what your experience is like.

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