“Water For My Seeds” by Thierra Walker: Book Review

“Water For My Seeds” by Thierra Walker: Book Review
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Water For My Seeds is a collection of short essays that poetically describes the emotional growth that stems from Walker’s previous romantic relationships.

This book gives us an incredible intimate view of the rigor required for emotional growth.

Her words are fiercely transparent, as Walker challenges a point of view so few of us take on when a partner leaves.

We don’t admit enough how breakups and relationships can become subconscious rehearsals.

They were an asshole.

They didn’t love me enough.

The never ending state of single-hood, and thereby our happiness, we often times can have a habit of looking at what the other person did and did not do.

While the story of how our recent relationship failed, may just end there,

Walker’s work shows us the beauty in entertaining a harsher reality:

“What if it’s


“I expected them to love me in a way I didn’t love myself– I’d been looking to be fulfilled so I’d never have to know what emptiness felt like, but truth be told, I’d been bottom feeding off others who probably needing healing also.”

“The Four Expectations of Toxic Monogamy ” from Water For My Seeds by Theirra Walker

Walker’s words grips and almost cuts, as she weaves a blueprint of thoughts that may gives life to the actions and triggers of your exes, a friend’s, and your even yourself.

What tickles me most about the book, is that it reveals how unsexy and sometimes hostile, the romanticized stories we carry in our heads and how unaware we can be about it.

This is a written work that sketches a new mode of communication for anyone who is single, going through a breakup or is happily in a relationship.

In an era where the form and expectations of relationships are shifting so widely, far too often we throw our stuff onto others.

Walker’s work shows us that we need to dig deeper and how to dig.

I also thoroughly enjoy how this book deepened my understanding, that we can become both people.

We are all capable of holding people in hostage situations in the name of love.

Walker shows us how easy it is to do that and tools on how to grow out of it.

As someone who is obsessed with relationships and how the dynamics of communication fails, finishing Walker’s novel gave me hope that we should embrace looking at our relationships as gray rather than black and white.

Book Review of Water For My Seeds by Theirra Walker

“I’m still learning to trust that my darkness is not my quicksand but my oasis. My watering place…heaviness doesn’t always equate to something we need to rid ourselves of. Something we need to cleanse ourselves from…Maybe the heaviness we feel is the opening.

“Healing Don’t Come Overnight” from Water For my Seeds by Theirra Walker

Walker illustrates the many ways to water yourself with poetry and her unique pulse on what we collectively struggle to communicate to ourselves and others.

This book is an example of growth, acceptance of who doesn’t grow with you, and keeping joy open for those who will.

This book is so beautifully honest and the only thing I wish out of this book was the: when and where.

After which fight, which moment, and after whose words, did these realizations hit her?

This level of concreteness is something I hope to see in a future memoir from Walker.

Get ready for a deeply spiritual and vulnerable awakening that is as commanding as it is soft.

If you’d like, you can purchase Water For My Seeds here.

Thierra Walker is a Philadelphia-based writer and Water For My Seeds is her first novel.

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