The Power of Your Story Awaits

The Power of Your Story Awaits

Writing is in both our bones. That’s what has driven you to write a book. The desire to transport, enlighten, and push your reader from that little corner of your soul is bursting out but you struggle to do it. It ends now.

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’d like to mentor you as you write your book. I’ve been writing for over 20 years. I have published personal works that have been featured in companies like LUSH Cosmetics and MindBodyGreen. I have a bachelor’s in Creative Writing and have studied under amazing writers such as Kiese Laymon and Eleanor Henderson.

You just want to write the damn book. The nagging feeling in your gut to write that story. But you are scared, or stuck, or just aren’t quite sure to make the words on the page feel as powerful as you want them to. A coach can help with that.

A writing coach for writer’s block

You are all in your head, you are not a planner, your draft feels unorganized, you’re uninspired. You think more than you write. You remember a time when writing felt like an exciting rush but those days feels behind you because you’re a grown-up and now you have to “work” at it.

You say you’ll write but you put it off because you don’t know what words to put on paper. You feel paralyzed by perfectionism…and your awareness that it is, indeed, perfectionism isn’t helping you get rid of it.

I help women writers, like you reading this, who are in the process of writing their memoirs or personal essays uncover the real blocks with their writing. Book a consultation with me to get a feel for where you’re at with your book and let’s get it done.

There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.

Zora Neale Hurston

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